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Michigan Experiences Worst of Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Due to Tainted Injections



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The U.S. has recently experienced an outbreak of Fungal Meningitis. Multiple states have been affected since the source of the disease stems back to the New England Compounding Center. The NECC is responsible for preparing the steroid and shipping it to multiple health care facilities.   Among the many states that received tainted steroids from […]


Update on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak (Video)



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Over 400 cases of fungal meningitis have been linked to the recent outbreak due to tainted steroid injections. The outbreak has resulted in at least 30 deaths throughout more than 15 states. Cases and effects are still being reported so those numbers will inevitably rise.   The Hayes Firm has created a video in order […]


Death Toll Reaches 11 for Contaminated Steroid Injections



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The New England Compounding Pharmacy has recalled nearly 18,000 vials of compromised steroid solution. The pharmacy, which mixes it’s own drug components, has been connected to a recent outbreak of meningitis that has resulted in 11 deaths.   Agencies are scrambling to track down all of the contaminated products and reach out to individuals whom […]


Hepatitis C Outbreak May Lead to Class Action Suit



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An interesting case of medical malfeasance in New Hampshire is leading to a potential class action suit. It seems that a medical “professional” with a sketchy past named David Kwiatkowski as hired at the New Hampshire Exeter Hospital. Kwiatkowski, hired and placed from the Triage Staffing Inc., had been caught abusing medicines designed for his […]


Propecia Lawsuits Increase Due to Sex Drive and Impotency Issues



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Propecia was thought to be a revolutionary treatment for male baldness. In fact the drug did help many people prevent the increase of baldness and even grow hair back.   Unfortunately more and more studies are proving that the drug could have serious sexual side effects, not just while being taken but afterward as well. […]

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