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Anesthesia Side Effects After Surgery



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One of the most unsettling parts of surgery is Anesthesia. After all, we’ve all heard the statistics and incidences that go along with getting “put under”.   Individuals have experienced a wide host of side effects, ranging from general grogginess to permanent mental damage and death.   One of the best things to do before […]


Multaq Injury Claims



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The Hayes Network is proud to unveil a new website designed to assist victims of the drug Multaq. The website, Multaq Injury Claims, is a straight forward and informative resource that can educate and assist individuals who have taken the drug and have experienced significant side effects.   Multaq and generic Dronedarone has been developed […]


Transit Bus Worker’s Compensation



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Transit buses are increasing in popularity and have become a mainstay of commuter transportation. More and more individuals have been hired to drive, clean, maintain, and manage the transit bus system.   Transit workers have to navigate a wide arrange of hazards in their day-to-day work. Depending on their particular role, they have to balance […]


Wrongful Death Damages – Free Legal Advice



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Dealing with an incident of wrongful death can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life. The emotional toll of abruptly losing a loved one can be trying, and often leaves family and friends with a sensation of being lost.   Questions often arise : Was someone at fault? Can we pursue […]


¿Se ha lesionado? Consulta Abogado Gratis



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Si usted ha sido lesionado, usted tiene derecho a representación legal.   La empresa Hayes es un negocio especial que se enfoca en conectar a los clientes a los mejores abogados. Nuestro trabajo es escuchar a su caso y ayudarle a tomar las decisiones correctas. Si es necesario, que le conectará con el mejor abogado […]

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