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suing for hit and run

Locksmith’s Hit-and-Run Causes 1 Death and 2 Injuries



Posted in car accident, car accident lawyer

Hit-and-runs are among the scariest risks on our day-to-day lives because they can happen anywhere, to anyone, at a moment’s notice. Three young girls found this out the hard way when a wayward locksmith struck them while chasing a delinquent customer.   Tansu Kanlica, 27, of Atlanta, chose retribution over safety this week as he […]

da vinci robot

Da Vinci Robot Causes Concern Over Cancer Spread, Takes Serious Profit Hit



Posted in medical malpractice, medical mistake
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The Da Vinci Surgery Robot received no shortage of press and hype leading up to its debut. It was hailed as a step toward the future, eliminating inevitable human error and increasing the probability of success for a number of important surgical procedures. Sadly, the reality of the machine has not lived up to the […]

car no insurance

How to Handle an Auto Accident with No Insurance



Posted in car accident, car accident lawyer, personal injury

What if someone is driving without car insurance and has an accident with me, can I still get compensation for the damages?   Although it is against the law in most states to drive without automobile liability insurance many irresponsible individuals insist on driving around town without coverage. If they get into accidents in which […]

dog bite no insurance

I Was Bit By A Dog and the Owner Has No Insurance!



Posted in dog attack, dog bite, personal injury
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What if someone does not have homeowner’s insurance and I was bitten by their dog? Can I still get compensation?   Dog Bite Laws   The laws in the US regarding dog bite liabilities vary. There are states that make the owner absolutely liable for whatever damages their dog might inflict on other people. There […]

insurance bullying

What To Do If An Insurance Company Tries To Intimidate You



Posted in Law Advice, Lawsuits, lawyer, personal injury
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There are hardcore insurance adjusters out there who would prefer not to pay your claim regardless of the severity of your injuries. Most often they ignore your claim or they downplay it by offering a very low compensation using a tone that is meant to intimidate. They will do so without offering any justification. They […]

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