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dog bite no insurance

I Was Bit By A Dog and the Owner Has No Insurance!



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What if someone does not have homeowner’s insurance and I was bitten by their dog? Can I still get compensation?   Dog Bite Laws   The laws in the US regarding dog bite liabilities vary. There are states that make the owner absolutely liable for whatever damages their dog might inflict on other people. There […]

insurance bullying

What To Do If An Insurance Company Tries To Intimidate You



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There are hardcore insurance adjusters out there who would prefer not to pay your claim regardless of the severity of your injuries. Most often they ignore your claim or they downplay it by offering a very low compensation using a tone that is meant to intimidate. They will do so without offering any justification. They […]

trial length

How Long Does the Personal Injury Trial Process Usually Take?



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How long does the ‘personal injury’ trial process usually take, starting from the date of the accident?   The answer to the question “how long personal injury trial processes take” is not so easy to determine. The entire process can be a lengthy one. Some cases can take two years to finish while some cases […]

legal network

9 Reasons Your Lawyer Needs to Have a Strong Network



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A good lawyer is someone who has a strong network of professional and reliable contacts. Why is this so?   It’s not easy to look for the best lawyer who can guarantee the success of your case. Even when you’re the injured party and you have all the evidence to prove the other party was […]


Boston Subway Derailment Causes Multiple Injuries



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Boston rail passengers got a scare and some injuries Monday, March 10th when a subway car derailed. The Green Line Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority train hopped the tracks at a rail bifurcation and struck a wall, reported Boston.com. For more, view their video coverage: _ _ Making matters worse, a second train following the same […]

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