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da vinci surgery injury

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery – Injuries Via Product or Surgeon?



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The Da Vinci Robotic System entered the medical world with a certain amount of hype and expectation. Both doctors and patients know that the future of medicine lies with steadily improving technology. The limitations of the human body will inevitably be augmented by precise robotic instruments. The Da Vinci Robot was a step in that […]

cycling injury

Arkansas Driver Hits Group of Cyclists, Injures 7



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Cycling near or on roads is an inherently risky endeavor. To alleviate some of the risk riders often choose to cycle in packs, believing that the increased visibility will greatly reduce the odds of drivers overlooking them on the side of the road. Normally this is a sound tactic, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work. […]

american pitbull terrier

6 Year Old Fatally Bitten By Family Dog



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When envisioning dog bite cases most people think of poor, underfed, mistreated animals taking out their aggression on innocent passers-by. That scenario does play out all across the country, especially as a result of owners who train their dogs to be aggressive. Unfortunately, sometimes dog bites happen in an instant when and where people least […]


Allergic Reaction to Affymax Omontys Anti Anemia Drug



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Unfortunate news for anemia patients has recently come to light. The drug Omontys, developed distributed by the company Affymax, suffered a voluntary recall due to increased cases of allergic reaction to the drug. Administered to individuals with chronic kidney disease and on dialysis, those who suffered a reaction required serious medical intervention within a short […]


Helping Injured Victims in 2013



Posted in personal injury
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2012 was year with a lot of ups and downs. As a nation we survived natural disasters, mass shootings, and more. Unfortunately there were also numerous cases of corporate irresponsibility and personal injury. Many Americans found themselves in dire straights through no real fault of their own.   Our job throughout the year was to […]

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