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All-Metal Hip Implants Could Have Serious Health Risks



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A 2010 recall confirmed what skeptical researchers were concerned about – serious health risks in all-metal hip implants.   Medical manufacturers hailed the all metal units as significant upgrades from mixed units containing elements of plastic, ceramic, and metal. They claimed that making the entire hip implant out of metal would increase longevity of the […]


Tylenol Recall Due to Dangerous Dosage and Packaging Issues



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Tylenol is one of the most stable and long lasting drugs on the American market. The name itself has become synonymous with aspirin, the same way one use the brand names of Velcro or Ziplock Bags. Unfortunately for the parent company Johnson & Johnson there have been a string of negative incidences that have resulted […]

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Potential Worker’s Comp Rate Cut in Tennessee



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Tennessee is currently embroiled in worker’s compensation negotiations. The state has higher costs for businesses to acquire worker’s compensation coverage than many other nearby states, and the companies are suggesting a rate cut.   Doctors in the state suggest that cutting rates that businesses must pay will trickle down to less money earned in the […]

dental surgery

Suing For a Dental Surgery Error



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Medical malpractice is a commonly known area of law, but many people don’t realize that dentist’s are also liable. Dental malpractice is in a separate category from other medical lawsuits, but behaves in a similar way.   Dental surgeries are complex procedures, and while they are less invasive than intense physical surgery they can still […]

whiplash neck injury

Understanding Whiplash Injury From A Car Accident



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While not an actual medical term, “whiplash” has entered into our common vernacular to describe a certain kind of neck injury. We’ve all experienced whiplash at one time or another, and it’s unmistakable when it happens. The shooting pain, the frozen muscles, the darkened vision…it’s an unpleasant experience!   Whiplash can occur in a variety […]

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