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Propecia Lawsuits Increase Due to Sex Drive and Impotency Issues



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Propecia was thought to be a revolutionary treatment for male baldness. In fact the drug did help many people prevent the increase of baldness and even grow hair back.   Unfortunately more and more studies are proving that the drug could have serious sexual side effects, not just while being taken but afterward as well. […]


Cómo Encontrar un Abogado que Habla Español



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Cuando alguien está lesionado en un accidente y no tiene manera de pagar por los gastos médicos, la presentación de una caso de lesión personal es a veces la mejor opción. En esta situación, una víctima que no habla con fluidez el Inglés necesita un abogado que entienda sus necesidades y que haga el esfuerzo […]


Canine Caretaker Bitten to Death By Her Rescue Dogs



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We all love to hear rescue dog stories with happy endings, but sadly this is not one of those stories. A diligent rescuer from Decatur, Ga was recently bitten to death by multiple dogs under her care:   The untimely death of Rebeca Carey, 23 of Decatur, Ga., who died of multiple dog bites according […]


Glass Shard Contamination Prompts Cancer Drug Recall



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Cancer treatments consist of many complex and delicate chemical injections. These mixtures involve many different individual drugs, all of which need to be handled with exceptional care. Recently an influx of potential glass shard contamination prompted Hospira Inc to issue a voluntary recall on many of it’s injections.   As reported by Reuters:   July […]

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Tanning Bed Cancer Lawyers



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The Hayes Network is very pleased to announce a new sister site. While dlt.com focuses on helping individuals with all sorts of personal injury concerns, this new site is very topically specific. Check it out – Tanning Bed Cancer Lawyers.   Tanning beds have been in the news lately thanks to the infamous “tanning mom”. […]

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