Glass Shard Contamination Prompts Cancer Drug Recall



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Cancer treatments consist of many complex and delicate chemical injections. These mixtures involve many different individual drugs, all of which need to be handled with exceptional care. Recently an influx of potential glass shard contamination prompted Hospira Inc to issue a voluntary recall on many of it’s injections.   As reported by Reuters:   July […]

Evidence of High Radiation Damage During CAT Scans



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When going to the hospital, patients hope to be cured of an ailment or injury. The thought of being exposed to even more dangerous circumstances is something every patient dreads. A recent study by the New York Times has uncovered an unusually high amount of cases of high radiation in people receiving CT scans across […]

Major Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Residents Against Corporations for Failing to Clean Up Cancer Causing Waste



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May 19, 2010 By   Residents have filed a class action lawsuit in New Jersey State Court, Hudson County against Honeywell International of New Jersey and PPG Industries of Pennsylvania for dumping and failing to clean up cancer-causing hexavalent chromium waste in their neighborhoods.   According to today’s press release at PR Newswire, the […]

Health Risks of Dry Cleaning



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In the state of Illinois alone 415 dry cleaners have been identified as potentially polluting nearby water sources with the toxic solvent perchloroethylene (PCI)., a team of Illinois civil rights lawyers, recently reported on this significant health risk. According to their article, the Chicago Tribune reported that “the state has found problems in nearly […]

Wyeth hit with $75 million verdict



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By The Associated Press Posted November 23, 2009   A Philadelphia jury has ordered Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to pay a woman $75 million in punitive damages after finding a link between her breast cancer and a hormone-replacement drug.    The punitive damages in the case of Connie Barton were unsealed yesterday, the same day of a […]

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