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Hepatitis C Outbreak May Lead to Class Action Suit



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An interesting case of medical malfeasance in New Hampshire is leading to a potential class action suit. It seems that a medical “professional” with a sketchy past named David Kwiatkowski as hired at the New Hampshire Exeter Hospital. Kwiatkowski, hired and placed from the Triage Staffing Inc., had been caught abusing medicines designed for his […]


All-Metal Hip Implants Could Have Serious Health Risks



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A 2010 recall confirmed what skeptical researchers were concerned about – serious health risks in all-metal hip implants.   Medical manufacturers hailed the all metal units as significant upgrades from mixed units containing elements of plastic, ceramic, and metal. They claimed that making the entire hip implant out of metal would increase longevity of the […]

dental surgery

Suing For a Dental Surgery Error



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Medical malpractice is a commonly known area of law, but many people don’t realize that dentist’s are also liable. Dental malpractice is in a separate category from other medical lawsuits, but behaves in a similar way.   Dental surgeries are complex procedures, and while they are less invasive than intense physical surgery they can still […]


The Value of Spanish Speaking Medical Interpreters



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According to the 2008 U.S. Census, about 20% of people living in the United States speak a language other than English at home. In the western U.S., the percentage is 32%. In California, the percentage is 42.4%. These individuals are considered “limited English proficient” (LEP) and will likely need translation and interpretation when they visit […]

Interpretación Española de Negligencia Médica



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Según el Censo de EE.UU. 2008, aproximadamente 20% de las personas que viven en los Estados Unidos no hablan inglés en su casa. En la parte oeste de EE.UU., el porcentaje es 32%. En California, el porcentaje es 42.4%. Estas personas se consideran “Capacidad Limitada del Inglés” (CLI) y es probable que necesitarán traducción e interpretación cuando visitan a un médico.   Debido a que millones de personas en los Estados Unidos no hablan inglés con facilidad, […]

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